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WIZM Business Model

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  1. AI tools directory: aiwizard features a comprehensive directory of over 863 AI tools, each accompanied by in-depth reviews and step-by-step tutorials. This directory serves as a key resource for users seeking AI tool insights.

  2. spellbook: This is a collection of more than 82 AI tools designed for efficient content creation, available exclusively on aiwizard. Web3 AI tools coming soon.

  3. Featured Listings & Sponsored Content: AI tool owners can submit their tools to the AI tools directory. Additionally, they have the option to market their tools as featured tools on aiwizard, or sponsor posts in the aiwizard newsletter for added visibility.

  4. Payment Model Transition: Currently, aiwizard accepts fiat currency for these services. However, the future plan is to switch to exclusively using the $WIZM token as the medium of transaction.

  5. aiwizard Newsletter: An additional aspect of the business model involves maintaining & growing an AI-focused newsletter, which keeps subscribers informed about the latest tools and news in the AI space.