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Introduction to wizard mana

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Aiwizard is your one-stop destination for everything AI. We are on a mission to become the world's #1 AI Tool Hub, providing an extensive directory of AI tools, complete with in-depth reviews and step-by-step tutorials. Our platform is designed to make AI accessible and understandable for everyone, from beginners to experts.

But we're not just a directory. We're also creators. Our aiwizard spellbook offers a growing collection of our own AI tools. From AI tool owners to everyday users, we're making AI easy and accessible. As you see in our roadmap, we are adding Web3 AI tools to help users generate & audit smart contracts, NFTs, tokens, branding, and more.

Our platform is going to be powered by the $WIZM (wizard mana), utility token. With $WIZM, users can unlock premium features, contribute to the platform's growth, and participate in our thriving community.

We're proud of our growth so far. With thousands of daily visitors, over 800 AI tools tested and reviewed, and a constant stream of new content, we've become a trusted resource in the AI community. But we're not stopping here.

Our roadmap outlines how we will become the #1 AI tool hub in the world. From expanding our AI tools directory and integrating $WIZM into our platform, to launching new features like the aiwizard Prompts marketplace and an AI and wizardry-themed web3 game, we're just getting started.

Participating in the $WIZM initial offering means participating in the future of AI and Web3. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to become a household name in the AI & Web 3 industry.

aiwizard's Solutions:

  • AI tools directory with reviews & step-by-step tutorials
  • spellbook - 80+ AI tools for various specific tasks
  • Prompts marketplace - buy and sell AI prompts
  • AI newsletter - AI news and new cool tools in your inbox

$WIZM Utility Token:

The aiwizard ecosystem is going to be powered by the wizard mana $WIZM utility token.


  • Thousands of daily visitors from search engines
  • 800+ AI tools tested, reviewed & tutorial created on the aiwizard AI tools directory
  • Hundreds of daily users in the aiwizard spellbook