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WIZM Roadmap

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This is our initial roadmap. We will make changes and add new activities as we keep building aiwizard. For more info and details, check out the full roadmap.

2023 - Establish an online presence

  • The first version of was launched in March 2023. We started as an AI tools directory, creating step-by-step tutorials and reviews of cool new AI tools.
  • The first version of spellbook was launched in April.
  • Currently, we have tested over 800 AI tools and created step-by-step tutorials & reviews about all of them.
  • The site is well-optimized for SEO growth - our search traffic is constantly making new ATHs.
  • The more AI tools we test, review & create tutorials about, the more search traffic our site gets. All visitors instantly see $WIZM.
  • Today, when AI tool owners want us to test their AI tool and list the tutorial & review on aiwizard, they pay with credit/debit card. Soon they'll be paying in $WIZM.
  • 165K Users have used aiwizard since March 2023 (all organic traffic).

2024 Q1-Q2 - Kick off community growth

  • To build an early #wizardgang, we will be having an airdrop for those who help us grow in the beginning.
  • aiwizard is listed on 200+ AI tool directories.
  • Airdrop directories listings.
  • Initial offering directories listings.
  • Bounty program launch.
  • $WIZM IDO & Launch.
  • CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap listings + more directories.
  • Social media activity kicked off on all major platforms.
  • Increase focus on off-page SEO.
  • $WIZM integrated into
  • CEX listings.

2024 Q3-Q4

  • New professional website design.
  • aiwizard NFTs.
  • aiwizard Prompts marketplace.
  • Use $WIZM and aiwizard NFTs in the aiwizard spellbook.


  • Publish 5000 AI tool reviews & tutorials on aiwizard AI tools directory.
  • Web3 AI Tools in the aiwizard spellbook.
  • aiwizard Web3 game beta launch.
  • aiwizard Web3 game full v1 launch