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Our goal is to be the #1 AI tool hub in the world. To massively raise the probability of that happening, we are laying a strong foundation in Search Engine Optimization. Search engines already like our site. As we begin the off-page SEO (described in the roadmap) work, we expect the rankings, along with the traffic to be trending even higher.

Check out our live traffic stats here:

We believe that creating the best information about AI tools - reviews and step-by-step tutorials, and being listed/posted on all major AI and crypto websites, will make our AI/Web3 traffic skyrocket.

Google searches

So far we have done no paid off-page SEO. This means we have paid $0 to get backlinks to our website, be it paid AI tools directory listings, or blog/guest posts from AI-related sites.

Using funds raised in the $WIZM Initial Offering, we will begin heavy work on the off-page SEO marketing. This means we will get aiwizard onto every major AI tools directory, blog, and website.

Doing so will make our search rankings skyrocket, and all the AI tool owners will want to list their AI tool on aiwizard, and many will want featured listings/sponsored posts. For this, they must of course use $WIZM.

Our strategy is to rank our website high on AI-related keywords, and convert the users to:

  • use $WIZM in the spellbook
  • use $WIZM to list their AI tool on the aiwizard AI tools directory, to get more traffic & users
  • sign up to our AI newsletter

So far with no paid marketing, this is what our search chart looks like already:

search stats


The aiwizard spellbook userbase has been constantly growing since the start. A lot of users are finding us from search engines, with clicks for relevant AI keywords trending up, heavily.

Google searches for spellbook pages

spellbook search statsspellbook pages stats

Our strategy with the spellbook, is to rank for AI tool action keywords. For example, the keyword "humanize AI text". We created a free tool for it - the AI Text Humanizer, and it's already bringing in users.

Bing searches for spellbook pages

bing search stats

You might be thinking, why make free tools?

The point is to rank in search engines for these terms with the free tools and later add premium tools, that work with $WIZM.

In total, we have around 80 of those live right now, which are all pretty basic (but people search exactly for those). As you see in the roadmap, we will be adding advanced Web3 AI tools in the upcoming web3 version of spellbook, which will be using $WIZM. Our goal is to appeal to the people using the free tools and guide them towards using premium tools on our site, and transform them into $WIZM community.

Stuff we are going to do before we can launch the new spellbook:

  • Grow the domain authority & traffic, by getting a lot of high-quality AI-related backlinks (absolutely no spam links, they kill website rankings long-term)
  • Post new AI tool reviews & tutorials in our AI tools directory
  • Find more AI tool actionable keywords & make new free tools for them.

Doing these 3 things strongly will bring floods of traffic to aiwizard from search engines. A lot of them will be turned into new users of aiwizard and $WIZM.

Explore our roadmap, to see other traffic acquisition channels.